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Whodunnit, 'Lil Dahlia?

I wish I was a brilliant detective, so brilliant that I look at some FBI files on the Black Dahlia case (available online HERE) and I just solve it. Whodunnit it to you, Dahlia? We’ve wanted to know for the past 70+ years. Her media name is so hauntingly beautiful, that it has become strange if you haven't heard of her murder.

Elizabeth Short was so beautiful and so damn young when her life was abruptly and brutally stolen. She was younger than I am now (I’m almost 24) when she was savagely slain (she, 22 years) in a mystery spot then transported and posed in a vacant lot in a residential development zone. If you ever listen to this episode (available HERE) then you’ll know that Señor George is a pretty convincing culprit…I guess. 

I am curious to know why/how the LAPD managed to lose most of the evidence linked to the crime over the years. I guess the mean time, I will have to settle for Reddit Conspiracies/Theories on the Dahlia murder.  However the only person who is capable of one-upping the amateur (yet, brilliant) sleuthing of reddit is my favorite veteran FBI Criminal Profiler, Holden Fo–I mean, John E. Douglas. He has such an interesting take on the Black Dahlia killer with his own profile of the killer. I mention it in the episode, but you can access the article HERE. If that is the case, then maybe George isn't the man of the murder, but if that is the case then, who is?

I'm curious to see what you think about the Black Dahlia Case...whodunnit?

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