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Who is GGS?

While some media also referred to him as the Lonely Hearts Killer, the Glamour Girl Slayer is a bit more recognizable Harvey Glatman, born in the Bronx but raised in Denver, CO, is a surprisingly not as well-known as one would think. His crimes were overshadowed by more high-profile serial killers who would rise much later than he.

Harvey's reign of terror went from August 1, 1957–July 13, 1958, which is pretty early given the "time of the serial killer" was in the 70 s and 80s.

Glatman was one of the first serial killers profiled by the FBI, of course, the profiling system was quite juvenile and didn't contain John E. Douglas or Robert Ressler. [NOTE: Ressler is credited with coining the term "Serial Killer" when the two FBI agents were developing the Behavioral Science Unit in the 70s.]

Hopefully you are about to listen to our latest episode if you haven't already. I've prepared some photographs that relate to the case that you can utilize as a reference point.

Enjoy the episode!

In order: Harvey Glatman Mugshot, Judith Ann Dull, Shirley Bridgeford, Ruth Mercado, Newspaper Clipping of the GGS Three, "Boulder Doe" Facial Reconstruction, Dorothy Gay Howard, Lorraine Vigil Newspaper Clipping, Lorraine Vigil Portrait

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