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The Little Girl Killer of Tokyo

Children are often viewed as the staple of innocence. They look at the world with big eyes and open hearts, trying to soak in everything that surrounds them. They can be impulsive and careless in their actions because they do not know any better. They can be the most ignorant, stubborn little things to ever grace your life.

My mother often refers to children as little angels–my father calls them the future. Regardless, most people would agree that children always deserve to have a loving, safe upbringing as they learn to navigate the world. However, some of the iniquitous humans prey on a child's naivety for their own personal satisfaction and advantage. In this case, we see a Japanese murderer of the most brutal and heartless kind. The Little Girl Killer of Tokyo.

On August 28, 1988, 4-year old Mari Konno went missing after a man lured her into his car. The abductor would call the Konno family and eventually the killer would send a box to the girl's father six months after her murder. Before the box was sent, Mari's family held on to hope that she may still be alive, but her fate would be revealed after the mystery package was opened several months later...charred bones, teeth, and pictures of the little girl's clothes (the ones she was last seen in) were discovered inside.

Mari Konno (4-years-old at time of death)

Little did Tokyo authorities know that Mari was the first of a string of murders committed by potential newspaper heir, Tsutomu Miyazaki. The discovery of the killer's identity would follow after Miyazaki attempted to abduct young girl on July 23, 1989. Miyazaki had forced the girl to strip nude after luring her over to him. He did not bank on the girl's sister to rush home and inform her father of the monster that held her sister captive. The girls' father discovered Miyazaki physically assaulting his daughter not too far from Miyazaki's own vehicle. The girls' father knocked Miyazaki down although he did escape, yet he returned to retrieve his car where he was arrested by authorities.

Tokyo discovered they had apprehended Mari Konno's killer. He was also found guilty of three other murders:

  • seven-year-old Masami Yoshizawa in October of 1988

  • four-year-old Erika Namba in December of 1988.

  • five year old Ayako Nomoto in June 1989.

The young victims of Miyazaki

Miyazaki had confessed to murdering four children.

One of most disturbing parts of the case was that he not only kept parts of the little girls, but he also indulged in cannibalism. He confessed to necrophilic acts with the girls and even drinking the blood of his victims.

Miyazaki's trial would be lengthy, but ultimately, the killer was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Miyazaki was executed in June 2008, almost twenty years after his original arrest. To this day, Miyazaki is one of Japan's most notorious serial killers to ever exist.

Tsutomu Miyazaki mugshot

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