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The Essence of a Hotmess Hero

This podcast started as an experiment and since 2018, has had several hosts and several "launches" in order to find our voice. It wasn't until our third rebranding experience that the Hotmess Heroes finally found our rhythm.

Cover Artwork by McKenna

As fans of Star Trek, Firefly, and The Fifth Element, it was inevitable that our alter egos would be set in a space western setting.

Our podcast still takes on a conversational, investigative manner–finding myths, monsters and mysteries to examine and discuss. Hotmess Heroes Podcast hopes to see how the chosen theme has effected history and pop culture over time. The twist that makes us a little different is that we will challenge ourselves to develop and draw a character or creature based on the chosen theme. World-building has been a source of amusement throughout our relationship (yes I, McKenna, and Ronny are a couple in real life) and its a part of the podcast we are really looking forward to expanding.

As for our artwork, I draw as a hobby. I haven't honestly been drawing–especially in the in the comic style–for long. I can thank YouTube for the many artists who have shared their techniques to help amateurs like myself. Robert Marzullo is my favorite thus far and if you want to learn or improve your skills, I strongly recommend jumping down this rabbit hole.

To return to the most crucial part regarding the podcast, we would like to thank our listeners, both old and new, for supporting us and our relaunch! We cannot wait to share our podcast and new world with you all!

Our newest episode launches Tuesday, October 27th on most podcast providers!

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Podcast Cover Art by McKenna E. exclusively for Hotmess Heroes Podcast