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Ms. Marvelous Mollie

You know, I was watching the news on July 20th (two days after Mollie Tibbetts was reported missing) and heard about the missing University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts. I remember hoping that she would be found with a friend after deciding to go on a spontaneous road trip. It's something I would do and something I hoped Mollie would do. I don't know the girl at all–I've actually never been to Iowa, yet I still hoped she would do something silly like that because that meant she was okay. 

Fast forward to August 18th, it had been a full month since Mollie's disappearance, her face becoming known in almost all fifty of the US's states. Missing posters were every where. Her poster had eventide its way to my Facebook feed in the Bay Area of California. She was the center of one of 2018's biggest manhunt date. Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Mollie Tibbets was found deceased. The details regarding the cause of death have not yet been released. (Other details involving the investigation remain unknown. There will be a press conference regarding the Molly Tibbetts investigation Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 5PM E.T.)

So many of us wished and hoped for Mollie's safe return as those grueling minutes, hours, and days passed on. So many of us are foreign beings to Mollie's family but we can't help but care. We see Mollie and her warm smile that matches her big brown eyes, and we can't help but care about her.

After all of the devastation this past month regarding Mollie Tibbetts, I have become drawn to hear about her life before this. Before her name became plastered all over the media in a frenzy. Who was Mollie Tibbetts? What kind of person was she? We focus so much on the crime and the grizzly details in between we sometimes forget to see the the actual victim as a person. We forget to support her family and friends by cherishing the person she had become. We forget to ask the questions that bring light to the eyes of those who were lucky to have known her. 

Did you know Mollie was a choir star? Did you know one of her favorite movies is The Lion King? Did you know she had a passion for theatrical arts?

Not too many people outside of her Brooklyn, Iowa home know that. They only hear Mollie's name and associate it with "missing".

She was an avid reader and Harry Potter enthusiast. Her father used to read the books to her and her siblings before she went to bed. Perhaps helping her grow an affinity for writing. She was a leader in state speech competitions, showing her natural ability to connect with others. Mollie had a desire to change lives for the better–its one of the reasons she chose to be a psychology major at the University of Iowa. She was someone that would reach out to a friend in trouble if she felt it necessary. Her heart never seemed to run out of room. I think understanding the person Mollie had become helps her family keep the memory of her alive. 

I encourage you to read about the Life of Mollie Tibbetts and not just follow the unnerving ending announced August 21st. 


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