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I had to share the memory of this viral news story. It's been over ten years since our favorite Duck Tape Bandit, Kasey Kazee, came to viral status on the internet. "Do the math do the homework," is my favorite thug quote of all time. He ends up rightfully featured on a personal favorite show of mine World's Dumbest: Criminals. Access the clip HERE on youtube.

In 2007, The Duck Tape Bandit attempted to rob a liquor store in Ashland, Kentucky, with duck tape wrapped around his face as his disguise. The store manager ended up chasing him out with a bat while another employee held him in a headlock until the police arrived.

Can you imagine being that manager? You're having a normal day selling booze to the locals of Ashland and this guy comes in with his head wrapped in duck tape demanding money. The manager couldn't hold back his chuckles as he recounted his experience with Kasey Kazee to the local news.

There are pictures of authorities removing the tape from his face, revealing his identity, and he still denies his involvement in the attempted robbery.

If you want to hear the viral video remix of this gold, click HERE.

The latest update regarding Mr. Kazee is that he ended up getting arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2015 for connections to a mugging (this time without a duck tape mask). #ducktapebandit #geniuscriminalz #viralvideoremix

WSAZ News Staff
Griffin, D. (2015, May 08). UPDATE: 'Duct Tape Bandit' Sentenced in Ashland Mugging. Retrieved April 23, 2018, from http://www.wsaz.com/home/headlines/Duct-Tape-Bandit-and-Another-Man-Arrested-in-Connection-with-Robbery-285764801.html
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