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We want to hear your haunted (or funny story). It can honestly be real or fake...if it is fictional, at least let us know at the end. Email us at hotmessherospodcast@gmail.com.

Please include: your first name or codename, your age, the state/region/country your are from. We want to give you the appropriate credit! We will email you back with the date of the episode release. You will not be spam mailed! If you wish to have regular podcast updates please sign up for our HH PodSquad! Scroll down for more information

Photo by Michael Mouritz (Unsplash)

These participant stories may include:

1. Tales of your town's local crimes

Whether crazy, gruesome and/or straight up stupid. The story is worth our attention. If you're from Florida...we're especially looking at you.

2. Your town's local urban legend.

These are amazing. We've heard about the motorman of West Virginia. Our local urban legends are the cannibals of Hicks Road in San Jose.

3. Your childhood/adulthood ghost story.

Everyone has had a strange encounter that can't be explained. Or maybe there is a rumored haunted house or building near you. We want to hear it.

4. Your fictional scary short story

Longer stories will be shared on our website. Short stories red ON AIR should be 1-2 paragraphs.

5. Doesn't fit into in any of the categories listed. That's okay! Tell us anything spooky!

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