• Garbie Girl

Bloody Mary, Bloody Scary


I wish the urban legend applied to receiving that delicious cocktail from a homie living in the mirror, I'd do the ritual every damn morning if that were the case. I also wish I looked that good with bangs, but I just look like my 1st grade school picture (that year I got gum in my hair).

Well if you haven't listened to our most recent episode,The Kap and I discuss our childhood urban legends: mine, Blood Mary (just in case you couldn't tell) and Kap had La Llorona. If your curious as to what those urban legends re, YA NEED TA LISTEN (CLICK HERE).

I definitely am not sure how my version of Bloody Mary came to be, but I assure you that no apparition come out of the toilet and crazy murdered me.

Ironically enough the episode inspired me to write a ridiculous short story inspired by the legend. I'll be sure to post it tonight when I've finished (poorly) editing it. It's very young adult-y, meaning its got alllllll of the teenage angst that you never wanted to relive.

Well, I have to get ready for work, unfortunately. I'll be postin' later.

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