Podcast Cover Art by McKenna E. exclusively for Hotmess Heroes Podcast

Hotmess Heroes is an investigative podcast where we discuss monsters, myths and mysteries. Oh yeah, and we share art inspired by our findings in our alternative space western universe! Be sure to check out our first episode of a vampire series on October 27th! 

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Meet the Hosts 

Meet Ronny. Also known as The Sharpshooter from Titan, the space station orbiting  Saturn's largest moon. His bionic eye allows him to focus on biosignatures and better isolate his targets. Curious about the rest? Tune into our presode on October 27th to hear the full story!

Meet McKenna. Her secret identity  is not as cool as  her  ability to shoot  mounds of pure energy from her hands. She was originally a target of The Sharpshooter,. The two form an unlikely alliance when Ronny realizes the power McKenna  can muster would be of great use. Want to know more? Tune into the special presode on October 27th! in celebration of our relaunch.


We encourage our listeners to email us if there are any topics you think we should cover or if there are stories you may want to share!

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Podcast Cover Art by McKenna E. exclusively for Hotmess Heroes Podcast