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Podcast Cover Art by McKenna E. exclusively for Hotmess Heroes Podcast

A pop-culture podcast dedicated to talking about some of the most riveting moments in time, both past and present. From the worst-rated movies to date to the Twilight Phenomenon that stole the hearts and brainwashed a whole generation of girls. Sprinkle in the Great ToiletPaper panic of 2020 to the 2021 gas shortage.  


Every other Monday beginning Jan 2022 tune in on most podcast providers.


Do you have a moment of pop-culture that lives rent-free in your mind? Email me at

Meet the Host 

Meet the Team

Meet McKenna. The creator and primary host of Hotmess Heroes Podcast. McKenna is a craft cocktail enthusiast. An admirer of costume design and newcomer to the world of anime. McKenna also has many random facts about 00s pop-culture that you didn't want nor need to hear.

Meet my recurring guest host and partner in crime Ronny. A former comic book shop steward with a love of 80s action movies. You may regularly hear his wise yet animated voice on the podcast, probably after playing some video games. 


I encourage any listeners to email us if there are any topics you think I should cover send me an email (or message me on social media).

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